Shandong Huayu University of Technology is a full-time undergraduate university funded by Dezhou Yatai Group and approved by the Ministry of Education. It is located in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, a historical and cultural city known as the "Entrance Way to Beijing," an ancient transportation hub of the country.

    The university was founded in 2002 as Dezhou Huayu School. It was transformed into Shandong Huayu Vocational and Technical College in 2004 and upgraded to a full-time undergraduate university in 2014.

    The university adheres to the socialist educational orientation, upholds the principle of public welfare in education, and practice the fundamental task of establishing moral integrity in cultivation. With the vision of "building a century-aged university with special features," the university strives to fulfill the mission of "providing high-quality education and services for students' growth and development, and providing applicable talents and technologies for local economic and social development."

    A multi-disciplinary system has been formed with engineering as the main body and management and art as two wings, coordinating the development of engineering, management, art, literature, and other disciplines, due to the fact that the university has been adhering to its overall positioning of local, application-oriented, and open-up development.

    The campus covers an area of more than 1,200 acres with a construction area of more than 470,000 square meters. There are 226 experimental training rooms, 6 experimental training centers, and the total value of its teaching and research equipment is 110 million yuan. The library covers an area of 52,000 square meters and has a collection of more than 1.22 million paper books. Currently there are more than 14,000 full-time students and 1042 faculty members, including 688 full-time teachers, among whom there are 478 teachers with master or doctor degrees and 227 teachers with associate senior or senior professional titles. At present, there are 2 provincial teaching teams, 2 national model teachers, 1 national excellent teacher, 3 provincial famous teachers and 3 provincial excellent teachers. (data as of March 2021)

    Shandong Huayu University of Technology boasts 11 teaching units, namely the School of Mechanical Engineering, the School of Electrical Engineering, the School of Energy and Construction Engineering, the School of Information Engineering, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Design and Art, the Five-Year Higher Vocational School, the School of Marxism, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Department of Basic Teaching, and the Engineering Training Center. The university offers 30 undergraduate programs and 15 higher vocational programs, among which, there are 2 first-class undergraduate construction programs at the provincial-level, i.e. the program of Electrical Engineering and Automation and that of the Digital Media Technology, and 5 undergraduate programs with advantageous and special characteristics of private colleges and universities, i.e. the programs of Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation, Digital Media Technology, and Electronic Information Engineering. The specialized group of mechaoelectricity is rated as the brand group of Shandong higher vocational schools, and the other 3 programs are rated as the programs with characteristics, which are: Big Data and Accounting, Mechatronics Technology, and Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Technology.

    Since 2014, 376 undergraduate students have won national awards in discipline and skill competitions, and 268 students have won provincial first prizes in discipline and skill competitions. The overall employment rate of previous graduates is over 95%, with more than 80% of which are in the line of their fields. More than 10% of its previous graduates have passed the postgraduate entrance examinations, with a total of 197 being admitted to master's programs, of whom, 20 were admitted to "double first-class" universities and 1 was admitted to the University of Nottingham in the UK.

    Since 2014, the university has 1 jointly built national central air-conditioning equipment testing center, 1 engineering technology research and development center of higher education approved by Shandong Province, and 7 key laboratories and social science research bases at the level of Dezhou City, 1 national social science fund special project for ideological and political research in colleges and universities, 72 provincial teaching and scientific research projects, 227 municipal projects. There are 1874 academic papers published written by teachers, 466 patents authorized by both teachers and students, 124 academic papers published by students, 5 teaching achievement awards of Shandong Province, 2 excellent achievement awards of educational science of Shandong Province, and 157 awards at the municipal levels. (data as of March 2021)

    The smart campus construction of the university is pushed with high quality, and the level of education, teaching and management information technology has been greatly improved. A high-standard and high-performance data center is now built; the wired network covers the entire campus, and the wireless network covers teaching buildings, apartment buildings, administrative buildings and other areas; four system platforms have been built, including integrated digital security, smart teaching evaluation and diagnosis, campus all-in-one card, and digital campus broadcasting. With the smart campus platform as the center, the university has more than 10 management information systems such as educational administration, scientific research, HR, assets management, student service, and finance, to realize data integration and sharing, and provide one-stop services for teachers and students.

    The university has won several honorary titles, including “China Private Educational Innovation and Development Contribution Award”, “Shandong Provincial Model University Governed According to Law”, “Top University with Typical Employment Experiences for Graduate in Shandong,” and “Shandong Provincial Advanced Collective for Employment of College Graduates”.

    Based in Dezhou, facing Shandong, and radiating across the country, Shandong Huayu University of Technology is and will be serving for the talent recruitment and training needs of the coordinated development between Shandong and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. We are always adhering to the motto of “Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards” and the educational concept of "student-oriented, application of learning, and comprehensive development” to cultivate talents with a high sense of social responsibility, solid basic knowledge, and strong practical ability and innovative and pioneering ability of high quality, promoting their all-round development. Adhering to connotative, characteristic, and innovative development, Shandong Huayu University of Technology strives to build the university into a high-level applied private university with distinctive characteristics, which the students are satisfied with, the faculty are proud of, the government attaches great importance to, and the society respects.

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